Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Great Ball Disaster of 2008

I am always game to try something at least once, sometimes even more then that. Scripting seems to be one of the things that I continue to go back and attempt at least once every two weeks, with wild and varied results. I have learned to make pose balls and prim skirts, (from the wonderful directions given on Natalia Zelmanov's wonderful blog. ) these are simple and not very complex for most people (well except for me).

Don't get me wrong I like scripting (what I can do of it), but we just don't get along.
So this brings me to today's blog---- The Great Ball Incident of 2008.

I have been on a chair building kick. It started with the fact that I was trying to fix a chair, and then hosed said chair. (don't ask, refer to above paragraph). So in an effort to replace/repair said chair I went on a 6 hour quest to find the awesome sitting script contained in said chair. With script obtained I got down to repairing the old chair.

Yes I know I am rambling, but just keep reading!--

In the on going chair building process (and trying to use the least amount of prims), I decided that a chair built for two was right up our alley! Back to Bits and Bobs to acquire just the right pose ball combo. (I had seen one a while back while we were on a testing binge.)

With pose balls in hand, ran home, whipped up the new chair, played with the pieces to get it just right and then installed the poseballs. Now at this point most of the time you're finished as in - fini, beendet, rifinito, terminado, acabado! But not me--ohh no.

Upon standing back and surveying the finished product I noticed that the balls hung just a little to high over the chair.. NO PROBLEM!! I just need to adjust the Avi' vectors in the script...
I spend the next hour or so attempting to adjust the sitting height. which is comprised of sit, check, adjust, resit, check etc..... Now mind you that this is now 2am Pacific time, I'm a little tired and cranky...

So in a fit of pissieness I slam the "blue" pose ball with the vector adjustments of 12, 8, 5, I hop on, nothing is different! DANG IT-- time to call it a night.

Exhausted I toss aside the hammer, shower and crawl into bed.

The following day I show off my new chair to Tycho, and talk him into testing it with me! I jump on the chair and wait patiently for him... he disappears, now at this point, my mind is working, questioning the wisdom of those vectors (12, 8 5), I simply ask-- "Where did you go?"... his response was, well something along the lines of "Dunno" "Think I'm over the grotto" "Let me camera out and see where I am....." Just where did the vector point put him? Floating out over the garden area, suspended in midair. At this point I am in hysterical laughter, I can hardly stand up much less talk and forget walking or typing! After several minutes, Tycho was kind enough to fix my pose balls and put them in their proper spot.

This man deserves a medal, not only does he put up with me on a regular basis, but he finds humor in some of the really dumb things I do!

Needless to say, I have now promised to never do any more adjusting....

So building is what I will be sticking with.. The metaverse is safe...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Word of the day--Hosed!

Today's word of the day kids is "Hosed*"... as in "SL is hosed", "the kid hosed his engine" and the all important reference, "my job is hosed this week."

OK with this said, I waited for over a week to see one of my favorite DJ's, Hy Gynoid, at Club Echo Echo, this week. His theme for Monday was a tribute to the "Blues Brothers". Now I love a good costume party, and I was well prepared with my sexy ass tux. Of course, there was one person who felt my tux was a little overboard, I think he just didn't like the fact that I looked better than he did in his tux....
So as I was saying, I waited over a week to hear DJ Hy spin his music and I was set to go with --

dark glasses, a
great gestures, a

HOWEVER--- SL had other plans. Shortly after popping into Echo Echo, I crashed! Yes, SL is hosed. Relog, crash again, and again.... Thinking swiftly, I decide to reboot the modem and thus ensued the great search for where son and hubby have placed said modem.... mad dash, searching to find said modem, reboot, wait for computer to come back up, waiting, waiting. Log back on, get back to the show, and no sound... Yes, SL is hosed. RELOG AGAIN, and still no sound. Yes, SL is Hosed. I finish out the entire set that Hy had carefully planned in total silence.
Yes Virginia, SL is Hosed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Terms Of Intoxication-- Or The Value Of A College Education

An observation/comment made by the college age son, on various terms for intoxication....
He has realized, (yes, it took 2 years of college to determine this... and this is why I pay for college) that if you add "ed" to any word it will give you a state or level of intoxication. ie Cronk(ed), Hammer(ed), Table(d) etc....
Why does this surprise me, hmm well it really doesn't considering that A. he is my son, B. he is in college, C. I know that there is a C., but do to brain fade I can't remember what it is... or maybe I was cronked last night!