Monday, June 16, 2008

The Great Donut Debacle

As I have mentioned before everyone in my family thinks they are funny.
Not just a little funny. But, the kind of fall on the ground gut laugh funny. (and face it sometimes they are).

I have boys, they eat everything in site. No food substance is safe. All food products are at risk and subject to ingestion, unless properly marked NOT FOR YOU, with appropriate name. (aka belongs to MOM don't eat!)

With this in mind.....
Donuts are a rare commodity in my house. I never buy them. If they want them then it's up to them to go and purchase them.
My daughter, (the kind of person that can eat ANYTHING and still weigh 103) bought 2 cream filled donuts, ate one, put the other in a bag with name etc. --"DON'T EAT MINE-" Figuring that it would be plain enough .
Oldest son came home, and like a bullet he was face to face with that donut. Warnings were issued. But as we all know children never listen.
This child's mind works differently. The torture of his sister is and always has been foremost in his mind, anyway he can, he will.
With camera in hand, glass of milk, he proceeded to document the ingestion of that cream filled donut. WITH play by play cards. Each one written out, placed in front of the donut, giving the full play by play on bite number and taste description. (ummmmmyummmmmmyyyyy) (Creammy) etc.. 8 pictures in all. Showing the demise of that poor donut.
Now most would of finished the donut. Not him. Leaves a small last bite. Prints out the images, attaches them to the bag. Puts the bag back into the fridge. Leaves it for her to find.

Roll forward to 1am, discovery of said donut. (or rather remains of said donut).
Imagine 104 lbs of fury, unleashed on 6' 180 lb drunk guy. Ice cubes, water, pitcher, nail polish, blush, lipstick. And yes some place there are pictures.....

What a year can do with your life!

As we roll through life, and cross paths with people we don't always realize the full impact that they will have on our lives.

We all have goals and aspirations that go unstated in the backs of our minds.

Then once in a while we get dropped in a position to realize those aspirations and dreams.

Such is my life as of late.

I have a group of friends that are amazing. They have changed my life. Where else can you find people that are as nuts as you are, and let you have your way with their club.
I started here in SL a year ago. Wanting nothing more then to have 1-2 friends, a small piece of land, job and be semi able to build.
WOW boy did I over acheive. I have more then 3 friends, a kick ass job as an Officer for Friendly Fire. DJ job. To top it off, I own half a sim with my partner/husband!! AND YES I CAN BUILD!
My friends~ I love you all!