Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Word of the day--Hosed!

Today's word of the day kids is "Hosed*"... as in "SL is hosed", "the kid hosed his engine" and the all important reference, "my job is hosed this week."

OK with this said, I waited for over a week to see one of my favorite DJ's, Hy Gynoid, at Club Echo Echo, this week. His theme for Monday was a tribute to the "Blues Brothers". Now I love a good costume party, and I was well prepared with my sexy ass tux. Of course, there was one person who felt my tux was a little overboard, I think he just didn't like the fact that I looked better than he did in his tux....
So as I was saying, I waited over a week to hear DJ Hy spin his music and I was set to go with --

dark glasses, a
great gestures, a

HOWEVER--- SL had other plans. Shortly after popping into Echo Echo, I crashed! Yes, SL is hosed. Relog, crash again, and again.... Thinking swiftly, I decide to reboot the modem and thus ensued the great search for where son and hubby have placed said modem.... mad dash, searching to find said modem, reboot, wait for computer to come back up, waiting, waiting. Log back on, get back to the show, and no sound... Yes, SL is hosed. RELOG AGAIN, and still no sound. Yes, SL is Hosed. I finish out the entire set that Hy had carefully planned in total silence.
Yes Virginia, SL is Hosed.


Tycho Beresford said...

Silly girl. You would look better in anything you might wear than some guy in a tux.

Jocelyn said...

SL is fubar! But we lobe it anyway. ::grin::