Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to mend a broken heart

After a year of feeling like shit. I finally got a name put to it. Coronary Heart Disease. Months of fighting, pleading. They finally listened. I saw a Cardio Dr. 3 weeks ago, got the diagnosis, drugs and told to go home and rest. 3 days later.. told surgery is scheduled. Can't take the risk. 
2 weeks later, splayed out in an operating room,  tube being snaked up and through my body. (yes it hurt like a mofo). I had a chance to experience the fine line between life and death. Every time the ballon expanded, chest pain to kill a cow. Finally after 45 minutes of expand, reset, expand, they seated the stints and fixed the 90% blockage.
Amazed I didn't have a heart attack(ok astounded) they seal me up, put me back together.. Tell me it was close, but my life as I knew it is over.. New diet. Exercise. (like duh..  what did they think kept me alive all this time. *rolls eyes*) 
Basically the upshot is, ya can't choose your genes, but you can choose how you live your life. 
So back to five miles a day... Thank God I can still breath, and I'm not worm food. 
Ohh and BTW.. red wine can save your life... just sayin
So be good humans, love each other. Make me proud to know you.  I love you all.. -- Huggies   Colette Tuteur


Parker said...

I am so glad your heart is fixed. It is such a warm and tender heart that shows in all you do and say. Still working on how nakkie Friday fits in there, but I am sure it does. You have many who love and care about you this is all the proof I need for how wonderful your heart is.

I am in awe at 2 posts in in less then a week after 10 months of silent. :-D

Amanda said...

Damn woman, I'm glad you're back at the computer and you made it through. Been thinking about you lots!! *hugs*